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Digital signage made easy

iSeeBoard is an easy-to-use, quick-to-deploy digital signage solution for business, small to large, that increases sales, improves communication, and enhance corporate image. We offer four solutions,

1. SaaS solution
Build your professional digital signage network through Internet. We take care the server. You focus on designing and managing your digital signage from the cloud. Easy setup and quick deployment. To try, click 30 day free trial account

2. Dedicated server on private cloud
Build your iSeeBoard professional digital signage network on any virtual cloud server, such as Amazon AWS EC2 or Microsoft Azure?! All features are same as iseeboard.com except you own and manage the server. To try, please read Installation Guide and download iSeeOne-4.61_Installer.exe to install on your virtual server. Sample server in Azure (login/password = demo/demo).

3. Dedicated server on your on-premise server
Build your professional digital signage network on your own local server. All features are same as iseeboard.com except you own the server in your location. To try, please read Installation Guide and download iSeeOne-4.61_Installer.exe to install on your server. iSeeBoard is pre-built in QNAP NAS private cloud. Please click here for detal.

4. Standalone media player
No server nor Internet needed. Every player is an individual unit. Simple, easy, and low cost solution. Android device only. For detail, please click here for detail.

Other components you may want to know ...

iSeeBoard Content Management Studio
The console to manage your digital signage application. Upload contents, design layout, schedule program, setup media player, configuration, etc, are all in this easy to use, browser based studio. iSeeBoard Content Management Studio is in your iseeboard.com account or any iSeeBoard server program.

iSeeBoard Media Player Software
The software runs on your media player (PC/ChromeBox/Android). iSeeBoard uses thin client technology. This software is small and easy to use. For Win/PC or ChromeBox, please install from Google Web Store as a Chrome Browser extension. For Android TV Box, please install from Google Play Store or download apk here isbAndroidPlayer.apk.

Media Player hardware
iSeeBoard innovative structure work smoothly with Win PC, ChromeBox, or Android device. Win PC or Chromebox offer the speed and features you need. Android device, such as Android TV box or dongle, offers the cost saving yet powerful enough to achieve the work you need.

iSeeBoard is designed to work with any display, either a projector, LCD/LED/Plasma TV, computer monitor, LED sign, or any display that can connect to a computer, 16:9 or 4:3, 720p or 1080p. iSeeBoard detects the resolution and auto adjust or you can specify your display resolution.

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